Tuesday, 18 March 2008

First off the production line

Here is a sneak peak of the first of many Nao's to come off the production line.

View the Mov or Wmv.



Paulfo said...

Congrats to you Chris and the rest of the team at Aldebaran! When and where can we buy them?

Chris Kilner said...

Hi Paul,

we are shipping off the first batches to Robocup Standard league contestants this week.

A little later in the year there should be a special edition for the public who are keen to get their hands on an early iteration.
These early versions will be aimed at those who want to program their robots themselves, so will require a fair degree of technical competence.

Very soon a simulated Nao will be made available for Microsoft Robotics Studio so that everyone can get a chance to play ;)

Al said...

I love Nao! You have all done a great job.
I can't wait for the MSRS/MRDS release!

dominic said...

Hello Paul,
I am a PhD student on IUT, Paris 12 and I am working on computer vision with Nao. If I understand well, you are familiar with controling Nao with MS Robotics Studio. I have no previous experience with it so I am just searching for "where to start" with Nao+MsRS. Could you please indicate me some very very basic information how to start?

thank you for your time and have a nice day